Hersch Wilson has worked (as in jobs he was actually paid for) as a corn pollinator, a Ferris wheel operator, a short-order cook, a ballet dancer, an outdoor educator, a soccer coach, a leadership consultant, a pilot, and a writer. The Ferris wheel operating was the strangest job. Lots of physics involved. Along the way he was also a volunteer firefighter-EMT for thirty-three years which culminated in the awarding winning book, "Firefighter Zen, A Field Guide for Thriving in Tough Times." Most importantly he is the partner of Laurie Wilson, father of two daughters and grandfather of two. For over sixty years he's also been a dog guardian.

He has co-written three national business best sellers with his father, Larry Wilson, including the award winning, “Playing to Win!: Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and in Life.

Hersch attended Colorado College, quit his junior year to follow his passion, dance. He performed in Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. After that career ended, he graduated with a BA in English from the University of Minnesota.

Hersch and Laurie live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with their daughter Sully and two rescue dogs, Toby, a Great Pyrenees, and Maisie, a terrier-chihuahua mix.

His latest book is "Dog Lessons, Learning the Important Stuff from our Best Friends." It will be published by New World Library and released September 5th, 2023. Woof!

You can follow Hersch on Medium.com (@HerschWilson), on Twitter (#Bravingfires), and on his website, herschwilson.com.

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